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Transformer Maintenance, Repairs and Assembly

Power Substation Services (PSS) professional field service teams, along with state of the art equipment, provide transformer maintenance service transformer hot oil reclamation rigfrom coast to coast. Transformer maintenance and proper installation of your new power transormers is critical for insuring the extended life of your transformer. Power Substation Services leads the industry for the installation and maintenance of Substation, Power and Generator Step-Up transformers.

In addition to the assembly of new transformers, our transformer services include:

Power Substation Services performs transformer hot oil reclamation, processing mineral oil on energized transformers to prolong the life of non-PCB transformers. By performing the hot oil reclamation energized, the process does a better job of reclaiming oil, degassing, removing moisture, sludge and other harmful contaminants from the oil and the transformer. Thus, the PSS reclamation process will not only reclaim the oil, but it will also clean and dehydrate the transformer. In addition, since the transformer is energized, the customer does not have the expense from unnecessary outages or temporary mobile substation installations.

PSS works with various world-class transformer manufacturers and our skilled, experienced technicians install, assemble and vacuum-fill new and rebuilt transformers throughout the United States. During the transformer installation, PSS will also perform the electrical acceptance testing. Likewise, PSS will also perform electrical testing on in-service transformers that require diagnostic troubleshooting to determine the problem.

Power Substation Services is uniquely positioned to handle your PCB needs, since we are the only company in the United States with the EPA permitted technology to destroy PCBs in the oil while performing the hot oil reclamation process at your facility. This PCB decontamination and destruction process, known as PCBX, is performed on energized PCB transformers, circulating the PCB oil from the transformer, through the oil processing rig, and back to the transformer until the oil is less than 2 ppm PCB returning to your transformer.

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