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Transformer Oil Filtration, Dehydrating and Degassing

Power transformer oil filtration, dehydrating and degassing can be performed individually or simultaneously based on the various conditions of the mineral oil and customer requirements.

Transformer oil dehydration is required when filling new transformers as well as in energized transformers, where the oil and paper insulation can become wet. PSS will pull vacuum on the transformer with a 3000 cfm vacuum pump rating until the unit is filled with hot oil. The large vacuum system promptly pulls vacuum and maximizes our ability to remove moisture and air voids in the windings. Degassing and Transformer Oil Filtrationeliminating air voids is crucial for limiting corona discharges, since gasses in the transformer oil can cause arcing and overheating. The vacuum time is based on the transformer rating, voltage class and the customer's specifications. PSS's transformer oil filtration procedure involves circulating the oil continuously through the rig in a closed loop path. The oil passes through multiple filters, fuller's earth a vacuum dehydration column and degassing column to remove contaminants, sludge, foreign particles, dissolved gasses and oil decaying byproducts contained in the oil. In addition, PSS continuously analyzes and monitors the oil during the transformer oil filtration process.

PSS Field Services also includes transformer oil reinhibiting. The PSS hot oil reclamation rigs can perform transformer oil filtration on energized transformers up to 230 KV. Since we can process the transformer oil energized, our customers don't need to take an outage.


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