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Transformer PCB decontamination and dechlorination using PCBX

The PCBX system is designed to mobilize on-site to our customer's substation and decontaminate the PCBs from the transformer mineral oil while the transformer is energized. This process is the only EPA permitted, pcb decontamination, mobile process. This PCBX pcb dechlorination process is typically cheaper than retrofilling the transformer and more importantly, an outage is Power Transformer PCB Oil Rig Processnot required to perform the service. Transformers with starting PCB contamination levels of 50-499 ppm can be processed to levels that will allow you to reclassify your transformers to non-PCB status, as applicable by the Federal Register rules and regulations dated April 2, 2001.

Although the pcb decontamination / dechlorination process can be performed while the transformer is de-energized, this service can be performed on energized transformers up to 230kV as long as there are no safety concerns. Contact your sales manager to learn how you can benefit from the PCBX process.

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